March 20, 2017

Dear Residents,

A few updates on your Taylor Woods Leasing ,Service and Management Team . Forty2 Management was replaced by my own folks the end of December Tim Schaeffer Development Corp is now the Management Company for your Community. The leasing folks who worked for Forty2 transitioned to our staff and we are rebuilding to meet the standards and level of communication that I expect our staff to provide to our residents .  Nicole Hantman is now the Property Manager as Laurie Molino left to pursue another opportunity. Nicole is relativity new to Property Management but brings a wealth of experience in Real Estate Sales, Mortgage and the Title Business and shares the same expectation level of service and common sense that is the hallmark of my companies. We take pride in what we build, maintain and service. Many of you have seen me ,around the community ,doing everything from picking up trash to appearing in front of the Planning Board on the Winslow Intercommunity TV station . I expect no less from my staff .
     Regarding our Service-Customer Satisfaction folks Chris is no longer with us and my son Evan Schaeffer is now running the Department as Maintenance Supervisor .He is joined by a part time employee Rich Lovern who we hope will be full time shortly . Rich has worked for a number of our Schaeffer companies over a long period of time in customer satisfaction .Evan and Rich are working on quarterly maintenance and will be getting to you over the next month if they haven’t already . Those of you in the recent buildings will be contacted at the appropriate time .
       Joining our leasing Team shortly is Tammy Darmiento, who will be in training ,is a great addition to our team and who you will find a delight to interact with .
 Other Community news !
  I hope you’ve seen the new lights at the waste disposal /recycling center . This oversight was staring me in the face but it’s now corrected and in addition to the lights we have relocated the recycling center a little to the right to provide better walk space on the left side. A few residents have asked me why we elected to do the centralized waste center instead of having them spread out through the community . The answer is we looked at what has been the largest complaint in apartment and condo communities ,going back a long time, and that answer is trash blowing , smells, rodent infestation, wildlife incursions, trash trucks banging the lids of dumpsters at 5am , nasty liquids leaking out, gates on enclosures torn off by wind and trash trucks, etc. You get the idea. Our compactor is completely sealed , leaks nothing , no wildlife and has eliminated the complete host of issues surrounding scattered dumpsters .Also the issue we experienced with having to shut the auto compaction feature off for the last 6 months has been resolved and it’s now back on and has eliminated the issue of backed up trash . Next Christmas we will again be providing the extra dumpster for the high volume we experience over the Holiday season including the weeks after.
       The weather has tricked us into believing that spring is here but we still have a little ways to go. That said we are preparing for Spring and the opening of the pool and tennis court . Our Landscapers are lining up flowers and mulching will be underway before you know it.
        We continue to add pet stations and two new ones recently went up at building one and across from building six. More will be added as we move to completion of the community .We rolled out a new -updated website a few weeks ago that as always contains the link to the Resident Portal which we encourage you to use .
         We hope you are enjoying residing at Taylor Woods and take advantage of the outdoor spaces and the community amenities. Keep that New Year’s resolution and use the GYM !!
Tim Schaeffer
Managing Member
Taylor Woods  
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